Round Two

We’ve had an interesting time since I last updated… Josh is now refusing to patch at all, and we’ve given up trying to get the contact lens in. We did put it in last week but it fell out at some point. I found it the following day after sweeping the floor, rehydrated it and cleaned it, but I’m not keen to put it in again. We were lucky to make it this far without losing one, but it didn’t help that Josh didn’t seem to notice that it wasn’t there anymore! 

Since one eye is short-sighted and the other far-sighted, it takes a lot of effort for the poor guy to see. He is good at self-regulating, and we’ve noticed that he’ll often close one eye depending on what he’s doing. Ideally he should be using both eyes to see everything so this isn’t a long term solution. It’s also completely exhausting, and Josh has reverted to daytime naps (and temper tantrums!) because it’s all too hard for him.

So, we’ve decided to bring the second surgery forward, and instead of doing it in August, we’ve scheduled it for June. As in three weeks from today. Since it’s so soon after the first procedure we can’t all go. On the upside we don’t need to spend as much time away, but it will mean one of us going to Sydney with Josh and the other staying in HK with Charlie. We will probably swap halfway, it’ll be tough, but we’re hoping that the separation will be the hardest part of all of it.

Josh is not yet in kindergarten and we’ve already noticed a few delays in his development, so we’re anxious to give him the best chance we can, as soon as we can. There’ll be no more room for excuses, and once both eyes are on the same level, the hard work will really begin. 

Keep all your fingers crossed for us next month, and I’ll post again on the other side.



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