A Rough Patch

I’ve been wanting to write a post about patching for a while now. Josh has amblyopia (a weaker eye on the right) and we have been putting a patch on the left eye since his initial diagnosis, with the aim of strengthening the weaker eye. He has always tolerated the patch fairly well. Ortopad make some pretty cool patches for little ones and Josh has always had fun choosing which patch he wants to wear. The need for patching was increased with the surgery, as the whole point of it was to build the vision in his right eye. Unfortunately with all the changes and the addition of the contact lens, he has started fighting us every day, and we are having to work a lot harder (and bribe more!) to keep the patch on.


I’ve noticed that a lot of people comment on the patch when Josh is wearing it, and this often makes him uncomfortable, especially when he’s not that comfortable wearing it to begin with. He’s at an age where he’s much more aware of the fact that he’s a little bit different and he doesn’t quite understand why he needs the patch or the contact lens or constant visits to the eye doctor. I read this fantastic post on Little Four Eyes today, and it explains the need for patching, and how best to respond to kids wearing them, better than I possibly could. So please take a read if you have time, it’ll help if you see my little guy and want to know what to say to make his day a little easier.

What not to say to young kids who wearing an eye patch | little four eyes.


2 thoughts on “A Rough Patch

  1. Thanks for the link! I love that picture of Josh painting. I

    realize I didn’t have a link to your blog from my list of blogs about children’s vision. I’ve added it, I hope that’s all right.

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