A Fake What…?

Since I last posted we have done a lot of research. Lots of googling, making phone calls, emailing, trawling through forums, and generally making a nuisance of ourselves with the doctors involved in Joshie’s procedure. We’ve been heartened by what we’ve read and what we’ve been told, and are going into tomorrow’s surgery safe in the knowledge that the new plan is the best plan. 

So, tomorrow afternoon, under a general anaesthetic, surgeons will remove the lens from J’s right eye, and the capsule that holds the lens (a Lensectomy). It’s a fairly straightforward procedure now that they’re not putting in an IOL, and as much as I was disappointed about that, I have to admit I’m a little relieved. He’ll wake up with a dressing over his eye, and we’ve been told he may even be able to come home tomorrow night.

Aphakia is a new term in our everyday vocabulary, but it’s just a word used to describe an eye without a lens. Bilateral Aphakia is when both lenses are missing, and unilateral or mono aphakia mean just one eye. The risks associated with Aphakia are numerous (but we’re trying not to think about those). Infection and Glaucoma are the biggest and J will have several doses of eye drops and daily trips to the Ophthalmologist for at least this week to monitor his condition.

Once the swelling goes down, in about two weeks, he’ll be fitted for a contact lens and the fun and games will begin! For now he’s actually excited about going to the hospital. He’s been promised a collection of new “rescue vehicles” that we bought as a reward/bribe at the toy store last week. He’s completely forgotten the trauma of his last visit to the day surgery, unlike his parents, and he’s ready for his “new eyes.”

It feels like we’re on the cusp of something pretty momentous, and all day I’ve had this feeling that this was the last day of life as we’ve known it. It sounds dramatic I know, but there are big changes and challenges ahead, and right now I’m just trying to be as excited as Josh is. But first I have to cook him sausages and hot chips for dinner – tonight my big brave boy gets whatever he wants!



3 thoughts on “A Fake What…?

  1. How did it go yesterday guys? We have been thinking of you and hope that it went as best as it possibly could and that J recovers quickly. Sorry we are not around for support as you were for me, so many times. Love, Steph, Julian and Anna xo

  2. My own son went through cataract surgery when he was 28 months old and got an IOL when he was five. this was back in the 90s. I hope that the post op and the contact lens treatment goes well for you. It is not an easy road to follow.

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