From the Beginning

Just over a year ago, our little boy Joshua was diagnosed with a very rare eye condition known as Ectopia Lentis et Pupillae. His pupils hadn’t developed in the right shape, size and position and the muscles holding the lenses in place were dodgy, meaning the lenses were dislocated, or also not in the right place. He was also suffering from a whole lot of opias – myopia and amblyopia to be precise. Confused yet? So were we in the beginning. 

He was prescribed glasses and eye drops and daily patching to try and give him the best chance of normal eyesight. The Paediatric Ophthalmologist mentioned surgery at that very first visit, and we imagined it was years away, and something we “may” have to consider. Now 14 months later here we are, about to fly to Sydney for not one but two surgical procedures.

This blog is for family and friends, and friends we haven’t met yet, who want to join us on our journey to help save our little boy’s eyesight. For posts from the early days after diagnosis see Any future posts about Josh’s eyes and this condition will be posted here.



5 thoughts on “From the Beginning

  1. best wishes to you all Brooke, you’ll be in my thoughts. Here’s hoping you can experience some fun and sweet things in Sydney while you are here

  2. What a great idea Hun. Sending lots of luck and hugs your way over the next few weeks. The boys will so miss their best friend and will so look forward to his return as I will yours. Xxx

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